måndag 2 januari 2012


Här kommer en samling ord som definitivt är värda att både läsa och reflektera över:

"I wake up every day knowing I will move and shake. That I will redefine myself, and experience who I have chosen to be. That I will refresh, nurture, push forward and live my own vision, and present it to myself and the world with the best clarity I can. Knowing that in the process, this vision will be ultimately achieved, and that the ultimate achievement is found in the process. I am the captain and the passenger of the experiential vessel navigating on the spiritual journey that is life. I want to emit and emanate to the world as much as I receive and absorb from the world. I always remain grounded and rational, while intuitively knowing my actions are resonating somewhere in different dimensions. Never trying to pierce through the veil of mystery, keeping it intact as one of my most treasured possessions. I wake up every morning knowing I will move and shake. Knowing I will choose to be as strong, inspired and creative I can. Always grateful towards the sources and forces that fuel me, in which I constantly tap. I f I cannot empower myself, who will?"

Erwan Le Corre

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